The Shaped By Frances Movement is a community-driven motivational lifestyle designed to empower you to live in balance, happy, and fulfilled.


Love, Explore, and Evolve are our core values.  We believe our health and well-being are affected not just by what we eat, or how much we exercise.  The quality of our relationships, our jobs, finances, where we live and even our hobbies can have an impact.  If one is off balance, then so are we! In turn, it affects our thoughts, words, and actions.  All of these components together shape our lives.


LOVE: Whether it is breaking and creating new habits, or simply facing every day interactions and challenges, we believe that love is the beginning, and the end of everything. Choosing to always come from a place of love is a must.


EXPLORE: Not letting fear and judgment get in the way of us exploring our likes, and dislikes, our biggest dreams and desires will give our lives purpose. Life is too valuable to simply go through the motions.


EVOLVE: Allowing ourselves to be who we are unapologetically at our core, and being open to change if it means growth.  Using our gifts and strengths to make a difference in our lives and everyone around us.


So, are you in? Want to shape your life into your best life and join the movement?



Training Programs

The Shaped By Frances Training Programs are customized programs designed to cater to your individual needs.  Depending on your goals, Frances' Training Programs can be designed to help increase your mobility and flexibility, build strength and tone, improve your total body cardiovascular endurance and overall well-being.


Want to visit Frances at one of her public classes?  Check out her Group Fitness Class Schedule at Equinox, and stay tuned for Special Events!

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Health Coach & Nutrition Plans

Choosing what foods to eat to achieve your goals can feel overwhelming. Or maybe you’re the person who has tried everything by the book, and aren’t getting the results you need. Oftentimes what is causing you to feel sluggish, unhappy, unfulfilled, and to gain weight has nothing to do with the foods you are eating. 


As a certified health coach, Frances can not only educate you on what foods will fuel your body, but can help you look into some of the behavioral patterns and life circumstances that might be affecting your health and well-being.  Together, you can achieve your health goals by creating adjustments to your lifestyle. Making this more than just a quick fix. You will create long-lasting changes that will improve your life forever.


Want to mix and match to create a customized nutrition and fitness plan? Check out Training Programs and book your free consultation to create a package just for you.


About Frances Flores

A former professional dancer, Frances has quickly made a name for herself as one of the most sought-after yoga, fitness & health professionals in Los Angeles and around the world. Coach on Tonal, Celebrity Trainer, Group Fitness Manager at Equinox Century City, and Corporate Wellness Expert, Frances combines her training in dance, yoga, fitness and nutrition, in a holistic approach to well-being.


Born and raised in the beautiful Island of Enchantment: Puerto Rico. This fiery Latina is known to bring her positive energy, humor, creativity, and her infectious & bubbly personality to everything she does. After witnessing the transformative effect that her coaching and training has in many of her clients, she felt inspired to create the #ShapedByFrances Movement. A movement designed to empower you to live your most fulfilled life. Whether you connect with Frances in person or online, you will leave feeling confident, motivated, energized, and empowered. 


“If I can make someone laugh, feel good about themselves and their life, and help them believe they can overcome and achieve anything they set their heart and mind to by following their passion, then I am living my purpose.”


Besos! XOXO

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