Frances' classes are more than simply health, strength and motivation (all of which she provides in abundance) - her classes are emotionally resonant in an uncommon way.  It's everything - her sequences, her music, her infectious personality and her heart - and it's all integrated into a seamless session of serious exercise and soulful therapy.  She's a positive force of change for so many.  She's the best in the biz and the best class leader I've every had.

Tanuj Chopra

Frances is, without a doubt in my mind, the best instructor I’ve ever had in any studio class. She’s energetic, motivating, and positive, with a natural ability to push you to give your best (and then some). It’s evident that she puts a great amount of thought into her workouts and comes prepared to every class. She also invests time and energy into her class-takers; she remembers your name, asks how you are and makes you feel welcomed. I’m honored to have experienced a countless amount of highly-diversified, challenging and fun workouts from such a powerful woman!

Emily Stagliano

I have been taking Frances' Barre classes for over 2 years now, and loved them (and her) so much that I even followed her to Equinox Beverly Hills when she stopped teaching Downtown.  Her positive energy is infectious, and she challenges you to work harder than you thought you could while putting a smile on your face at the same time. I go to barre because I love dance, but hate cardio, but Frances somehow also manages to sneak in a great cardio workout with the barre exercises I love. I have also taken her yoga class, and highly recommend anything she teaches.

Marissa Dennis

After attending Frances' class for close to a year I can honestly say she's one of the best instructors around.  Frances' attention to detail, knowledge, and commitment to guiding you past your individual limits with a smile on your face is a refreshingly holistic approach in rounding out my personal fitness goals.

Rob Kirkland

Frances is a giant ray of sunshine! I have been coming to her Barre Fit Cardio class and Yoga classes at Equinox for quite some time now, and it is always my FAVORITE class of the week! Her positive energy and love for what she does is so contagious. I always leave class in the best mood and feeling like I can take on the world! There is no other class where I push myself as hard (and feel great doing it!), and Frances is always right there positively encouraging you as a coach, a guide, and as a friend. Get ready to sweat when you take her classes, but also get ready to feel so healthy and happy because that is what Frances can make you feel just after one workout together!

D’Arcy Fellona

I had never practiced yoga before but always wanted to try it so my fiancé suggested I try Frances' class. I was really nervous because I'm stiff as a board and could barely do downward dog. Frances' warm welcome and instruction instantly made me feel like a yogi. We love taking her class and have followed her around from Beverly Hills to WeHo to Hollywood.

Tim Mihaksky

Being new to yoga made me feel uncomfortable about what to expect initially, but upon meeting Frances she made me feel welcomed and comfortable while making the yoga practice both a physical and mental experience. Frances has a hands on approach at teaching and caters each class to all levels.

Ashleigh Speidel

As a Health and Wellness Psychologist, I'm very particular about who I choose for my instructors.  I was so happy to meet Frances and to take her yoga classes. She is an awesome instructor who has changed my yoga practice for the far better!  Frances was so patient with me and gave me individual attention in a group setting to help me to correct my form. She carried an amazing energy with her filled with kindness, and genuine care for teaching her students. Her ability to instruct in physical and spiritual teachings is amazing and she makes sure you know correct form, teaching you at your own pace, with genuine care and guidance on the mat. Frances really embodies the concept of yoga, carrying inner light, compassion, connection, and patience. I'm so glad to have found her as a yoga instructor!  I highly recommend her!!!

Lamees Khorshid

I have taken a wide variety of classes with Frances.  I first found her in a Fit Body class and developed a healthy understanding of the dreaded Plank!  I began to look forward to her class and hated it when she subbed it!!  I love her teaching technique and knew going in that was going to be a hard, but enjoyable class.  She observes all of us and is quick to make adjustments to make sure we never got hurt.  She’s upbeat but stern – you get a total workout.  For Pilates and Yoga, she’s unparalleled.  She had me hooked and I tried to attend as many as I could.  I was a total beginner when it came to Yoga and Frances made it fun and helped to guide me.

Dawn Millner

I used to take Barre classes and cardio classes with Frances when she was at Equinox Downtown. She was my favorite teacher. Not only did she motivate me to work out, she was also extremely fun and encouraging. I came to the gym more just because I wanted to go to her classes. I miss working with her and I'm so excited she's focusing on her own business. Every class I've been to with Frances has been uplifting and inspiring. I sweat and have a great time! She's the best!

Brooke Harmon

I am obsessed with Frances' Barre class at Equinox!! As a personal trainer and fellow Equinox group fitness instructor, I need to be challenged when I take class and that is exactly what happens every single time I workout with Frances! She plans her classes so effectively that even though it's a low impact class like Barre, I am drenched with sweat and sore the next day! Plus, her enthusiasm and extraordinary coaching helps me to get through it and do even more than I thought I could. I am stronger, leaner, and fitter than ever and I know that's because of the work I do with Frances!

Selah Victor

I am honored and pleased to have been offered this opportunity to provide feedback on Frances Flores's character and talent as a fitness mentor, guide and individual.  As a long standing member of the fitness community, I have had the privilege of engaging with a inclusive landscape of talent.  I can genuinely say without reservation that Frances Flores is well worth your careful consideration.  I remember the first time I came into contact with Frances which was over 5 years ago.  I knew immediately upon making her acquaintance that she possessed a wide scope of very nurturing, unique, and special gifts in addition to incredibly talented skill sets I've never seen.  Her persona is simply divine and engaging and she is the darling of the communities she serves.  Her smile and positive attitude is enough in itself to make anyone's day.  


However, of everything I mentioned, I would say the most admirable quality she possesses is her integrity and professionalism.  She takes her job very seriously and has one of the strongest work ethics I've ever seen in an individual.  I have witnessed Frances handle some very challenging situations and in these encounters she never lost her cool and always treats everyone with nothing but inclusiveness, empathy and the utmost respect.  She always loves a challenge and is constantly identifying process improvements and ways to raise the bar and take it to the next level. 


In closing, I can say Frances is truly the full package and anyone who is fortunate enough to retain her in any capacity will be truly blessed and she will always go above and beyond to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Spencer Gnitecki

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